How to Write an Email.pdf

How to Write an Email

Please use these tips when emailing your teachers, administrators, boss, etc.

Academic Honesty.pdf

How to Maintain Academic Integrity

Academic Dishonesty may result in failure of course, suspension, or expulsion.

Google Calendar Tips

Tips for Using Google Calendar

Useful ideas on how to use Google Calendar to stay organized.

Assignment Tips

Annotation Instructions.pdf

Marking the Text

Note the different guidelines for non-fiction, fiction, and poetry

AoW Student Instructions

Article of the Week Instructions

How to interact with the Article of the Week

How To Use Editable Forms.webm

How to Type in Editable PDFs

PDFs with fields can be edited and printed.

Writing Tips

MLA Formatting in Google Drive.ppt

MLA Format in Google Docs

Learn how to add MLA format to Google Docs

How to Write a Body Paragraph

Learn how to write a body paragraph

intro and conclusion.pdf

How to Write an Introduction and Conclusion

Learn how to write an introduction and conclusion paragraph

Issues to be Aware of in Your Writing.doc

How to Improve Your Essay

Quick things to check for in your essay

Essay Structure Notes.pdf

My Notes on Essay Structure/ What Goes Into an Essay

Review what goes into an essay

Research Paper Tips

Even when using automatic bibliography generators, it is important to know how to cite in MLA to verify these citations.

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